In Code::Blocks can set programs arguments in IDE ("Project > Set programs' arguments...")

But in windows version, the redirection is not working.

How to make it enable?

The problem is the 'cb_console_runner.exe'.

That use CreateProcess() function to start the child process.

Unfortunately, CreateProcess() CAN'T handle redirections.

Why does 'cb_console_runner.exe' use this function?

It is written in source code.

    //Windows's system() seems to not be able to handle parentheses in
    //the path, so we have to launch the program a different way.

( See this svn log. )

So I complied the 'cb_console_runner.exe' using system() instead of CreateProcess().

In my windows7, It works well and it seems that there is no problem about parentheses.

( That was modified in 2006. Now does it fixed?. I don't know. )

Anyway I replaced the 'cb_console_runner.exe' with my own build.

If anyone having a redirection problem in windows version of Code::Blocks, try this one.


(Just copy to where Code::Blocks installs and replace original file with this)

Or you can build it easely with just a few modification. (That's why I didn't attach soruce code.)

I modified and built this in Code::Block. ;)


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    There is same issue on "ConsolePauser.exe" of Dev-C++.